Australian Indigenous Alpine Sports Foundation

AIASF 15-8-15-5 Everyone on Snow

The Australian Indigenous Alpine Sport Foundation (AIASF) is a not for profit Foundation aiming to promote participation in Alpine Sports by disadvantaged Aboriginal youth to achieve better outcomes, improve their quality of life and empower Aboriginal youth across Australian Aboriginal communities using Alpine Sports as a fundamental tool for excellence.

AIASF promotes winter and summer activities including skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, trekking, abseiling, climbing and team/trust exercises.

AIASF recently conducted a snowboarding program with Burton’s Chill Foundation bringing the Tirkandi Inaburra youth mob who experienced snowboarding and performed a traditional dance performance as a sign of gratitude. A Welcome to Country was also performed by a representative of the Ngarigo Nation Indigenous Corporation, Ms Michele Francis. This performance was one of the few times in over 100 years that an aboriginal performance has occurred on the sacred mountain, Tar-gan-gil or Mount Kosciuszko.

National Indigenous TV broadcast this item about our 2016 Snowboarding Program.

More information on the story can be found here.

AIASF’s overall objective is to provide a pathway to positive outcomes for Aboriginal youth using Winter and Summer Alpine sports as a tool for excellence and giving outstanding participants the opportunity to succeed, train and participate at the competitive level.  We also provide employment pathways within the alpine region for participants once they have completed high school.

AIASF is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission as a Public Benevolent Institution and has Deductible Gift Recipient status from the Australian Taxation Office so all donations over $2 are tax deductible.